This City park project was a re-channelization of a drainage swale designed by Thompson Dreessen & Dorner, Inc, of Omaha, NE. The channel was needed to mitigate an existing roadside ditch that the Corps of Engineers claimed as a jurisdictional waterway.


  • Nutrient deficient soil.

  • Steep, shaded slope.

  • Previous failed
    revegetation attempt.

  • Limited budget.


The local community of Glyncoch located in Pontypridd South Wales had a challenge on their hands. With a limited budget approved by the local council and operating with volunteer labor trying to regenerate the local community the goals of building a center that would really help the surrounding neighborhood seemed out of reach. The community then came together with a crowd funding campaign to get the community center over the final financial hurdles and create the place and space that would benefit the local residents. 

When the building and site work was completed the landscape required seeding to stabilize the soils and complete the desired environment. After construction there was very little topsoil and what was available was nutrient deficient and made vegetation establishment on the steep shaded slopes difficult. After an initial, traditional, hydroseeding application had failed the foot traffic on the slopes used as a short cut to access the building began to cause increased erosion on the site and result in significant long term maintenance costs.


The solution was provided by Glyncoch Community Regeneration LTD, with the assistance of RMB Hydroseeding a new approach to revegetation was specified. With the poor soil conditions at the site combined with the steep slopes that would make importing and spreading topsoil cost prohibitive, Biotic Earth, a biotic soil amendment was applied with a mixture of tall and hard fescues and perennial ryegrass and slow release organic fertilizer. The second hydroseeding application to the shady slope area has been considered a great success. The revegetation was successful and the area has been left to grow wild and natural to encourage wildlife back into the area.


The slope was fully covered with lush vegetation just eight weeks after initial application.
The few areas of thin vegetation are the results of deer traffic and feeding upon the new
vegetation, but will soon fill in. The growth is impressive given the extremely dry conditions
in the months immediately after installation. Given Biotic Earth’s proven track record on
sandy soils all expectations are that the site will continue to improve in the successive years. 

8 Weeks Later