Get to Know: Joe Combine

1. Where were you born? - Sharon, Philadelphia
2. What’s one place you want to visit, but never have? - Amazon rainforest along with
ancient civilization sites in South America.
3. What do you do on weekends? - Golf, Hiking, Fishing, Woodworking and hanging out
with friends
4. What was your dream career as a kid? - Writer
5. What’s your favourite book or movie? - The Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson,
book four of the Stormlight Archive
6. Do you have pets? - No, but I grew up with a dog and plan to get one very soon
7. What’s your favourite thing to do with friends? - I’m a fan of card games with friends
as well as sitting around a campfire.
8. What’s something most people may not know about you? Well, I think most of
them know that I am pretty into woodworking, but other than that, I’m a pretty big book
9. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Most of the time I’m an early bird, however it
depends if I am currently working on something engrossing where I will continue to work
deep into the night on it not realizing how late it gets. I can also do this with a good book.
10. What’s your favourite band? As a teenager it was definitely Nirvana but now it’s
Fleetwood Mac.