Made from laser-cut, precision steel parts and welded by our in-house master craftsman, this staple gun will help increase productivity and reduce labor costs for stapling down erosion control blankets, geotextiles, sod and landscape fabrics.


Wearable parts are interchangeable, so you can easily replace them as needed over time. Replacement parts are readily available.


We stand by what we build by offering a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, the longest in the industry. 


Product Information

  • Most durable ECB staple gun on the market

  • Handcrafted, durable, hardened steel construction

  • Adjustable chamber for precision staple delivery

  • Replacement parts available

  • Three-year warranty on non-wear components, welds and manufacturing defects

Weight:            16lbs / 7.5 kg

Magazine:        Holds 50 Staples

Staples/day:   12,000 on average

Staples:           Uses Factor T Staples